Hello, I am glad to have you here. I am Sankhalina (pronounced Shan-kha-lee-na)—a creative director & consulting designer by day and a ferocious blog-reader and deadline-eater by night .

After spending an entire rebellious childhood guava picking in Guwahati, I moved to Bangalore in 2008 to attend design school and have made this city my home since. Spoiled by the universe with the internet and unleashed finally by a biting drive to make conceptually functional and culturally delightful work, you can now find me either fussing over design details, being in awe of great art direction in period films, or voraciously consuming information to learn a bit more about the world every day.

Every once in a while between eating deadlines, I cook, teach myself Spanish and in dire circumstances, sing to save my life.

Under my name Sankhalina, I run a one-person creative consultancy. I work with individuals, brands and businesses to help them find creative solutions, shape their brand persona and express themselves visually across print, screen, web & mobile channels. In the past, this has involved working with clients across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, New York and London and with teams both local and remote.

I primarily use the skills of graphic design, design thinking and creative direction which at times could be an individual execution or at other times involves putting together and directing a team of skilled individuals working towards the best end-goal.

Jumpstarted in 2016, this blog is my long-desired attempt at making conversations about all things design, culture, communication and expression. This is my online living room and you are all welcome for a cup of conversation. I hope to keep creating good content for this space so that you all find something here to indulge in.

* * *

If you have a more formal requirement you can view my résumé here or my professional profile on LinkedIn. My work is also up on Behance and I share visual tidbits on Instagram as @sankhalina.

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  • I graduated from Srishti School of Art and Design, specialising in Visual Communication Design.
  • I started freelancing and working on independent client projects way back in 2010.
  • I have co-conceptualised, written and designed a series of science picture books for children, published by Tulika Books .
  • I have previously worked as a lead designer for the INK Conference.
  • My personal project, Project Sleeping Fox about Assamese literary devices in an urban multilingual society—has previously been featured in the Kyoorius Magazine.
  • I have formerly co-founded the creative agency, The Bold Creative which is currently solely captained by Vanshaj Kapur.
  • I am part titanium—literally, but that’s a story for another day.